Monday, August 28, 2017

An Unusual Gravestone

William Hore, 1671-1747
Whenever I visit England I spend a fair amount of time in graveyards. My trip earlier this summer was no exception. One of the more unusual gravestones I encountered was this 18th century stone from Ashreigney, Devon. Although no longer in situ, this stone is remarkable not only because of its age but because of the winged skull and hourglass motif, and the poetic epitaph.

The inscription reads:

William      Hore
who died          June 14th
Stay Passengers, I pray awhile attend
Here lies ye Sickman’s Help ye, Poorman’s Friend
Tho’ Pious, Skilled, Charitable, Just:
His Body now dissolves to common Dust.

William Hore was buried at Ashreigney on 16 Jun 1747. He may have been the last of his line to live in Ashreigney as the parish register records only one burial after his, that of Phillipa Hoare who was buried in January of 1768.

William was most likely baptised at Ashreigney on 16 May 1671. His parents were James Hore and Jone. William lost his mother in 1678 and his father in 1709. William married Phillipa Hele at Ashreigney on 16 Jul 1705. They do not appear to have had any children.

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