Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cove Pioneer Cemetery

Cove Pioneer Cemetery, Nassagaweya, Halton, Ontario
Cove Pioneer Cemetery is a small graveyard in Nassagaweya Township, east of Guelph, Ontario. According to The History of Eden Mills, a Methodist Chapel was built on this site in 1844, on land donated by William Martin. The chapel was constructed of cedar logs. 14 years later, in 1862, the chapel closed due to the difficulty of finding a minister. The building remained on the site until 1900 when it was moved to a neighbouring farm.

The oldest burial inscription is apparently dated 4 Jan 1846. The latest  inscription is that for George Martin (1838-1898), possibly a son of William Martin (? -1859) who is also buried at Cove. George Martin's gravestone also lists his wife, Frances James (1843-1878) and four children: Eleanor (1873-1873), Albert (1876-1876), Thomas (1870-1877), and Mary (1878-1878).

During the 20th century the 31 surviving gravestones were mounted onto a sloping concrete pad. Weathering, moss and lichen, unfortunately, have resulted in many of the gravestones becoming illegible.

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