Monday, May 23, 2011

Captain Peter Hare (1748-1834)

Gravestones, Snure Cemetery, Louth, Lincoln, Ontario

In Snure Cemetery near the village of Jordan, Ontario can be found the gravestone of Peter HARE (1748-1834). Nearby are the gravestones of several of his descendants.

Captain Peter HARE was a company commander in Butler's Rangers, a Loyalist militia unit during the American Revolution. HARE was born in Tryon County, New York on 17 May 1748, the son of John HARE. His first marriage, to Elizabeth PETREE, produced two daughters. Seven children resulted from his second marriage to Catherine GREENWALT, including Major Peter HARE (1794-1856) of the Lincoln Militia, and Deborah HARE who married Joshua BEEBE, son of Sergeant Adin BEEBE of Butler's Rangers (and brother of my gggg-grandmother Charlotte BEEBE). Peter HARE's third marriage was to Margaret BOWMAN, the widow of Solomon SECORD, a cousin of Adin BEEBE.

Butler's Rangers were based at Fort Niagara, located on the east side of the Niagara River where is empties into Lake Ontario. When the regiment was disbanded most of the Rangers were given land on the west side of the Niagara River in what is now Lincoln County. Hare received 3200 acres of land although he only farmed 150 acres near Jordan.

Hare joined Butler's Rangers as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1777 and initially served under Captain William Caldwell. He was most likely present at both the Battle of Wyoming and the Cherry Valley Massacre in 1778. He was promoted to Captain in 1779 and give command of his own company. Many years later he served as Colonel of the 4th Regiment, Lincoln Militia.

Hare died at his home on 6 Apr 1834. Also at Snure Cemetery are the gravestones of his son Peter, his daughter-in-law Magdalene SECORD (1794-1846), and six of his grandchildren.

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